Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Book Review: River God by Wilbur Smith

I can honestly say that this book opened up a world of excitement and adventure in my imagination that I had not experienced before and ignited a love for all things Ancient Egypt which has remained with me even though I read the book in the early 2000s.
River God By Wilbur A. Smith

It is set in ancient Egypt around 1750BC and excellently delivers all the elements of a seriously compulsive read including intrigue, betrayal, romance and fast-paced action. It is centred around the lives of it's two protagonists, Tanus and Lostris who are young sweethearts, in love and caught up involuntarily in the machinations of life at the top of the Egyptian aristocracy. It is narrated through the voice of Lostris' very talented and favoured slave, Taita.

The villian of the story is, the Grand vizier, Nefer,  the quintessential bad guy with all the attributes that go with the title- power, influence, the ear of the Pharaoh and utter ruthlessness. He is hell bent on getting the crown for himself and will not be stopped by anyone. Unfortunately, Lostris and Tanus find themselves embroiled in his plans and have to act to save themselves with the help of Taita's clever schemeing and seemingly endless knowledge of the world and everything in it.

If you are looking for an exciting read that will keep you hooked, horrified and hankering after more, then this is the book you need. There are two other books in the series: Warlock by Wilbur Smith and  The Seventh Scroll (A Novel of Ancient Egypt). But River God is by far my favourite and that's why it's here.

Have you read it? Did you love it? Let's hear what you liked about it :) I loved the book so much that I made two other people read it-they liked it too. When my brother lost my first copy, I was so upset that my best friend at the time bought me a new one just so I have one my shelf (or just to shut me up! Lol!), even though she new I had read it already!!!

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